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If you browse our web sites without logging in, we try to minimise the amount of information we collect about you. Our servers will retain your IP address in access logs for only five days, and this information is not made available to other systems.

The Shibboleth wiki and issue tracker are intended as collaboration tools, and as such, creators of content are expected to be known to other users of the tools.

As part of the login process, we store and update a small amount of personal information about each user, such as login name, full name, and email address. Users may also provide additional information on their own behalf to take advantage of additional features. Some of this information is visible to other users of these tools in the People Directory. We do not otherwise publish, share, or supply this information to other systems.

This information persists indefinitely. We will remove account information from the system upon request of a user or administratorDue to the migration of our primary collaborative services to the Atlassian Cloud platform, we can no longer make any assurances about the use of personal information by those services. We would refer interested parties to their

None of our other services require collection of personal data by anybody outside the committers themselves, but we do of course collect a variety of unavoidable data in the course of logging web accesses. We retain this information for varying lengths of time for basic system operation to protect the integrity of the project’s systems, but do not share it with anyone (we use no analytics services to track downloads, etc.). If this changes, we will publically note that and will purge any existing data prior to doing so.