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The formal release process is as follows:

  1. Check in any uncommitted changes against the trunk.

  2. Modify and check in Makefile and shibboleth-embedded-ds.spec with the updated version number of the release.

  3. Run make dist against the sources.

  4. Sign the tarball and create the md5 checksum file.

  5. On a Windows host, run build.bat from the build directory and rename the resulting file to match the tarball name except with a .zip extension.

  6. Sign the zipfile and create the md5 checksum file.

  7. Upload the six resulting files to

  8. Point the latest symlink at the new location.

  9. Tag the trunk with the version number.

To build and publish RPMs:

  1. Login to the build service at

  2. Create a new package called shibboleth-embedded-ds-version.

  3. Upload the tarball and specfile as sources for the package.