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IdP V5


Java 17, Spring 6

Migration of the IdP platform and dependencies (including OpenSAML) to Java 17 and Spring Framework 6 to keep the platform appropriately current. This will remove some deprecated function but is not focused on new features.

The main disruptive goal of this release is to refactor much of the code into new shared modules that will be usable by the SP V4 Redesign work. Minimizing impact on IdP deployers is a primary consideration but some API and thus configuration changes may occur.

IdP V4.3


Minor update for the IdP to add some interim features and deprecate things due for removal in V5.

Second Generation IdP Proxy Support


Add sufficient OIDC and possibly CAS support to IdP to handle proxying use cases without additional software footprint. SAML proxying support was added to IdPv4.

OIDC/OAuth Enhancements


Additional features for the OIDC OP plugin, initially focused on use cases adjacent to OIDC specs, or adding optional OIDC material, and some enhancements to provide some additional OAuth functionality. See JOIDC project in Jira. Specific enhancements will largely depend on member interest/demand.

SP Packaging Automation


AWS-based process for automating SP packaging, at least encompassing RPM platforms. This will conincide with changes to the packages we produce. The initial work is completed but work is ongoing to allow for CI in AWS.

SP V4 Redesign


Substantial design work

The SP is on an unsustainable path and needs to be replaced with a different software redesign that addresses sustainability challenges – see Service Provider V4 Redesign