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So you start at the top of the tab group, add a tab-in-group per tab, and then cut-and-paste the content from inside the old macro. Don’t forget to make sure that the tab’s title corresponds. It is a bit tricky to cut and paste inside a tab (you tend to collect the containing macro) but adding some text before and after aid selection, especially so with tables. After a while muscle memory cuts in.

An Alternative to Tabs

Given the time that tabs take to render, you may prefer to replace tabs by a series of expand markups. The title of the tab becomes the title of the tab and the contents, the contents.

Code Expansion

With larger code snippets that are outside tabs, remember to add an Expand macro around the converted snippet macro to get back the collapsible feature. With tabs, this is impossible, so it’s a judgement call. In some cases, it might be possible to reorganize the content a bit to eliminate the tab, or it may be ok to leave the snippet expanded since it’s invisible unless the tab is selected.