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  • refreshDelayFactor (decimal between 0 and 1, non-inclusive) (defaults to 0.75)
    • Factor applied to the metadata's own validity or caching period to determine the reload interval to use. Once applied, the result is bounded by the minCacheDuration and maxCacheDuration settings to determine the time of the next attempt. If reload attempts fail, the existing metadata (if any) will be reused until it actually expires.

Version 2.6 and Above: 

  • cleanupInterval (time in seconds) (defaults to 1800)
    • Time between execution of background thread to scan for expired cached metadata and remove it from memory. Set to 0 to disable any cleanup.
  • cleanupTimeout (time in seconds) (defaults to 1800)
    • Extra time to leave "stale" entries in the cache before the background cleanup process will remove them.

Child Elements

  • <MetadataFilter> (zero or more)
    • A filter to run against any metadata supplied by the plugin.