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Legacy V2 File(s): conf/handler.xml, conf/login.config

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The JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service) is a desktop authentication mechanism in Java that has been commonly misappropriated as a server-side technology. A variety of "login module" plugins exist for different password-based technologies. Support is provided for using JAAS as a back-end for the password authentication login flow.


JAAS has its own configuration format (see here). By default, the named application configuration used is called "ShibUserPassAuth". This can be changed using theĀ shibboleth.authn.JAAS.LoginConfigNames, or turned into a list of more than one configuration, with each one tried in series until a success. This is equivalent to the JAAS keyword "sufficient". Using separate configurations allows errors to be isolated per-module instead of masked by generic JAAS exceptions.

Advanced JAAS Usage3.3

As of V3.3, more advanced options exist to:


Unlike V2, the JAAS configuration is not placed into a global system property that would apply to the container as a whole; it is private to the IdP application.

However, while JAAS configuration in general is the same, the vt-ldap JAAS module supplied with V2 is not supported and has been superseded by the newer ldaptive library, which provides its own JAAS module. In addition to the module class being different, there are other differences in settings.