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Required element containing an ODBC connection string. Exact contents differ across drivers.

Note that you may wish to use a so-called "named" connection defined in odbc.ini (or for Windows inside the ODBC control panel applet or registry) to keep the database password out of this file, since it will be readable by the web server account/user.

0 or 1whitespace-delimited list of strings

Instructs the plugin to retry certain operations if a matching ODBC status code is returned from the operation.

This be is used to detect rolled back transactions caused by optimistic locking and retry them, by including the driver-specific status code that indicates the condition. Under load, you'll typically see problems on most databases that have to be worked around using this setting.


The below is excerpted from the configuration file to illustrate the key pieces involved.

Code Block
		<Library path="" fatal="true"/>

<StorageService type="ODBC" id="db" cleanupInterval="900">


Database-Specific Notes

Microsoft SQL Server

This is was the primary test platform way back in the misty past, and has been was tested under only light load on both Windows and CentOS 5. On Linux, the FreeTDS client and ODBC manager and driver included with the OS were used.